1.098 closet design, FOPAL, novel

March 9, 2020

Went for a run and timed myself. The run breaks naturally into four segments: east along Webster to the creek; west along the creek to Bryant; across the footbridge to Willow road and west to Alma; along Alma back to University. From there I walk on home. So these four legs timed in at approximately 11, 6, 10 and 7 minutes, a total of a shade under 33 minutes. In future I will see how consistent those numbers are, and maybe reduce them a bit.

During the morning, SWBB sent out an email offering season ticket holders a link to buy a seat in the sub-regional that Stanford will surely host, probably on 3/20 and 3/22. The link didn’t work of course, so I emailed my personal ticket rep Kevin (whose name shows up when I go in to “manage my account” at Stanford tickets). Later in the day he called me directly and finalized the ticket over the phone.

At 11:30 I presented myself at the Campbell office of Valet Custom Cabinets to review the design that Ward had made for my two large closets. I made some suggestions and he added those changes. I approved his choice of hardware (drawer pulls, mostly). The closets are going to be very nice, much more usable and many times nicer to look at.

From there I went to FOPAL and, finding no boxes of computer books (yay!) did two hours of sorting.

Back home I did a little work on the novel. Over the last couple of days I have figured out how to do the big dramatic finish. To work, it will require a change in the layout of a boat that is an important prop in the story. So now I went back and altered the description of that boat where it first appears, so it is suitable for the finish I have in mind.

At supper I sat with Patty and David. Much talk about The Virus and its effects on our respective travel plans. Patty noted that Kim Krebs, CH marketing manager (who showed me my unit back last year) was on holiday in Italy. After supper I sent Kim an email, suggesting she write to the CHBB mailing list to give her status because “we” were all worried.

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