1.097 errands, FOPAL, SWBB

Sunday, 3/8/2020

For my Sunday Morning Coffee I walked over to Mlle. Collette’s. Continued on up University avenue to buy deoderant at CVS (the excitement grows) and over to Ace Hardware to check on their hummingbird feeders. I’m not happy with the one I got a week ago.

After lounging around home for a while, I took off in the car to go to Bed Bath and Beyond for a new pillow. The one I bought about a year ago, before moving into CH, has turned into a lumpy mess. From there I checked the big Ace Hardware where Orchard Supply used to be, partly for feeders and partly to browse their plant selection, which turned out to be slim and uninteresting. Although, they had a few succulents, and I remembered with pleasure the row of little succulents we had on the kitchen windowsill at Tasso street. Possibly, if I can find a tray or shallow plant dish about 4 inches by 12 or so, I could put a row of little succulents in my side windowsill.

Next I stopped at FOPAL where I found some changes. All the snacks that are usually open for volunteers to take have been cleaned away, and a new sign says no public snacks for fear of spreading the virus. And a supply of exam gloves with the suggestion that you wear them while handling donated books.

So I put on gloves and processed five boxes of books for the computer section, sending most of them on to the bargain room. There were a few possibly valuable items. C. Gordon Bell is a well-known computer person, designer of the original PDP-1 computer and many other things, whose library apparently was at least in part donated to FOPAL. So there were four pristine copies of one of his textbooks, all signed by him. On Amazon, used copies were going for over $100. So that was a bit of a gift for the High Value section.

At 5:30 I started watching the PAC-12 Tournament championship game, Stanford against the formidable Oregon Ducks and Sabrina Ionescu. The game was close at first, and Stanford ended the first quarter ahead by 2 points. Then the Ducks took off on a 20-point tear and put the game away, ending 30 points ahead. If the Ducks aren’t in the Final Four it will be very surprising, and they could very well be national champions.

I was on my way out to find some supper up the street when I checked the menu at our dining room. Quesadillas and pulled pork? OK, why not. I had those items and some vegetable medley put in a box for eating in my room. It was only OK, not great.

But the new pillow was fine.

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