1.094 closets, yosemite

Thursday, 3/5/2020

In the morning as scheduled, Ward from Valet arrived at 8:45. We talked at length about what he could and couldn’t do for my two main closets. He took a lot of measurements. We are to meet at the Valet showroom next Monday to see his design. Valet, and Ward himself, do a lot of work at Channing House, in fact his next appointment after me, was at room 612, just down the hall.

Oh, and there was a coincidence moment. When I led him back to the bathroom hallway he said, “Oh, you’ve been to Design Concepts!” Huh, said I. He pointed to the tall rosewood cabinet that was one of the pieces I brought from Tasso Street. He said he recognized it instantly as one that he had sold when he owned the Design Concepts store. Could have fooled me; all I know is we had that cabinet a good long time and loved it, and I still use it for all sorts of miscellaneous stuff.

Wait a sec. Checking the old home inventory file… wow! We bought that in 1994, it was custom-made, and we paid then over $3000 for it. No wonder I like it…

Anyway, Ward was done and gone at 9:30 and I drove right away to the Yosemite warehouse, arriving only a couple of minutes after the 10am start time. Spent the day continuing to open box after box on the hunt for the missing Ferrante plug-board. Saw some neat things in the boxes, including a huge (by which I mean like 3 foot by 2 foot) core plane. Zillions of tiny doughnuts on copper wire, just huge. Most core planes are relatively small and stacked in a module.

Back home to join an email discussion among the tech squad on whether, and how, to do video conferencing in place of things like floor meetings and events.



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