1.093 taxes, FOPAL (again!)

At 1am I woke up. Did the shuffle to the urinal, had a drink. Didn’t go back to sleep; instead came up with a new worry to gnaw on. I want to hang my big Carol Aust painting in the hallway, so it can be seen by others. Either outside my room, where only I and the lady across the hall would see it, or down by the lounge, where anybody going to/from the elevator can see it. That’s pending approval from everyone at the next floor meeting.

But then, my 2am brain realized, it would be so easy for anybody to steal it. Just lift it down, and down the elevator. To another floor perhaps. It might be a bit awkward to get a 5-foot by 2-foot framed painting out the front door, but it could be done. If the painting is outside my unit, theft is even easier; it’s only five steps to the freight elevator.

So I’m lying in bed, alternately wondering if I’d published a Tuesday blog post (I had written it but not hit “publish”) and wondering if there was such a thing as a theft alarm for paintings.

So I’m up looking into that. (clicky clicky) Surprisingly, there doesn’t seem to be any online info about how to secure a painting against theft, or any clever noise making alarms to prevent art theft. I can visualize something like a car alarm that is screwed to the inside of a frame, and triggered if the work is lifted off the wall. “STOP THIS PAINTING IS BEING STOLEN BEEP BEEP” and so on. But I don’t see that.

I believe I will consult at the frame shop where I had a print reframed last month.

Wednesday, 3/4/2020

So the actual day, when it came, was quiet. In the morning I worked taxes for a couple of hours and am at least half way through the workbook. Should be able to finish up on Friday.

Today, our new 6th floor rep, Jerry (who took over last month from Craig) announced the cancellation of the upcoming floor meeting. Shit being canceled everywhere. I should describe the Channing House virus actions, which are primarily in the Dining room. No more place mats (they are apparently hard to sterilize). No more salt/peppers on the tables (because they could pass virus from one person to the next). No more water carafes on the tables, ditto. No more self-serve salads or desserts; everything has to be served to you by a server, and once you have accepted your plate from them, you can’t hand it back for something else (because then their vinyl glove might touch your fingerprint and then be passed on to the next customer). All activities have been canceled, including two musical events that I was going to be the A/V person for.

After lunch I drove to FOPAL (yes, again) and did sorting until 4pm. Then back home and chill for the evening.




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