1.095 taxes, virus closes in

Friday, 3/6/2020

I started the day with a run, which went well. I am pretty much back to where I was before taking a month off from exercise for the London trip. Next week I will try in a small way to pick up the pace, maybe actually timing myself to see what my baseline is.

Channing House has also hired a new fitness director, and it is in my mind to arrange a meeting and talk about resistance exercises, which has been an open issue since I dropped the YMCA back in July last year.

After the run I sat down to finish up my tax return, which I did. Happy to have uploaded all the PDFs and finalized the workbook. No doubt Katie at Wheeler CPA will have questions. Two unusual items for this (2019) tax year: one, about 25% of the initial fee I paid to join Channing House can be credited as a medical expense for continuing care. On the other hand: two, I sold 2340 Tasso for approximately $200K over the appraised value. I am very curious to see how those two offset, or don’t.

I had a delicious lunch of pizza. I didn’t mention that Wednesday evening I just felt like pizza, and walked out to a New York Pizza place on Hamilton avenue. I only ate half of a 12-inch pie, and brought the other half home. Today I pulled it from the fridge, nuked it, and had it for lunch. It was excellent.

Afternoon, I canceled two things and had more canceled on me. I love this XKCD cartoon. C’est moi, baby.


Some time ago I had bought a ticket to an SFJazz-sponsored concert with blues master Buddy Guy. It was to be this night, at the Paramount Theater in Oakland. Later I had accepted an e-vite from Suzanne and Chuck to a house concert at their place for tonight.

Realizing this conflict on Monday, I immediately decided, I don’t want the hassle of driving to Fremont, taking BART to Oakland, and return. Just… no. I had meant to just eat the ticket cost but today, SFJazz sent an email reminding everyone that (a) they are still holding concerts, just taking pains to disinfect all seats after every show; (b) but if you don’t feel well or don’t want to attend, you can turn back your tickets on our website. So I did that. I was too late to get a credit for the Buddy Guy show, but I will get an email showing its value as a tax-deductible contribution to SFJazz.

Which left the house concert. I’ve been to concerts at Suzanne’s place. She had commented on the Evite page yesterday that the concert was sold out. I pictured her living room packed with people, and thought to myself, no. Just… no.

Nobody there will have the virus, probably. But I do have some responsibility to my fellow Channing Housians. Somebody might have a cold, and if I get any cold symptoms, the CH instructions are to call the wellness nurse and self-isolate until you can be tested. Well screw that. I think I won’t take the chance. So I put my regrets on the Evite. And I’ll be staying in tonight.

Then, I had been booked to lead a tour at the Museum tomorrow, but today came the email: all public tours and demonstrations canceled until further notice. So my Saturday is suddenly open as well. Oh, and I was to meet Scott for a History Society thing on Sunday; that’s canceled as well. Kind of amazing how fast this is snow-balling.



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