1.092 Financial, FOPAL, scanner

Tuesday, 3/3/2020

Shall I mention trivia? Fourteen months ago, specifically, Day 28, I mentioned having to buy a new belt. Well, over the past month, that same belt has developed cracks in the leather. Friday, I think it was, I ordered a near duplicate belt from Amazon, and it arrived yesterday by mail, only the mail wasn’t delivered at 6pm when I came out of supper, so I got it from my mailbox this morning. New belt.

First scheduled thing today was the annual meeting with my financial advisors. This was fairly short, quite sweet. I have enough money to support me in comfort the rest of my life. In fact, my rate of expenditure is less than the rate of growth of my investments, using quite conservative numbers. So barring a worldwide financial melt-down I will likely leave a pretty decent estate to my heirs. So that’s nice.

From there, about 11am, I drove to FOPAL and worked until 2:15 clearing out that other, stealth pile of computer books, that Frank had emailed about yesterday. I now have six boxes of “computer:priced” books, marked with prices, ready to shelve. Two weeks from now, I will shelve all I can, and then have several remaining boxes moved to our storage room.

Back at CH, Peter brought the scanner up and when attached to my computer — it failed the same as on his. We poked at it and speculated a while, then he left to price out a scanner of his own; and I worried at it some more. I figured out one problem was that both of us clever guys (and Peter is at least as clever as I am) had failed to notice that the flatbed-scanning piece was still in place. That’s a nice white piece of plastic that is the backdrop for opaque documents lying on the glass, while the light shines up from below. For transparencies, it is removed, exposing a moving light inside the lid that shines down through the slides on the glass. Removing it and restarting the scanner and the scanner app, may have made the difference. Something made the difference. By 4:30 I called Peter to bring his test slides back, and we successfully scanned one. He took the scanner back to continue working.

I had dinner with Craig, Diane, Margaret and Leon. People are watching TV obsessively to get early Super Tuesday election returns.


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