1.091 Fopal, road scholar

Monday, 3/2/2020

Went for a run, out the door at 7:30 on a morning almost warm enough to not need a jacket. This time I was able to maintain (my pathetic excuse for) a running pace the whole time. The first segment is hard, but then I get warmed up and things are better.

Then off to FOPAL right away where there was a big pile of books — unboxed books, just stacked loose — in front of the computer section. I complained about that to Frank; then got to work and processed the lot, which took 2-1/2 hours. Then did sorting until nearly 2.

During this period I got a phone call from a salesperson at Valet, the closet company. We set a date for him to stop by on Thursday at 8:45.

Back home I killed another item of the post-London to-do list: calling Road Scholar about my upcoming Switzerland trip. First I wanted to make sure they applied my $3000 credit (from the mix-up when I had to reschedule the Greek trip last fall) to this trip. OK, done. Second, to make sure that I had in fact bought trip insurance; I had. Third, to verify that if the trip could not be executed due to COVID-19 travel restrictions, the trip insurance would apply. It would. Done.

Before London, I loaned Peter my scanner so he could begin scanning his 35mm slides. He’s a smart and competent Mac user, but as of a couple days ago when I got around to asking him, he had not been able to make the scanner work for transparencies. So I called him and said the right thing is to bring the scanner back to my system where it was working 8 months ago. Then we’d know if the problem was the scanner or his setup. He said he had thought of one more thing to try, but will get back to me if that doesn’t work.

Late in the day, I got an email from Frank with a picture of a different pile of 9 or 10 boxes of computer books, stacked in a different part of the main room. Oh dear or dear.


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