1.090 coffee, taxes, SWBB, plants

Sunday, 3/1/2019

Slightly varying my hallowed Sunday routine, I did the NYT puzzle at home, with a cup of my own coffee. Mainly I wanted to really use my round “kitchen” table, on which I have a nice LED lamp which, it turns out, is perfect for doing a crossword puzzle under.

Then I strolled up University to Verve to read the rest of the paper.

On return I decided that an unscheduled Sunday was the right time to finally dig in to the tax return. There are two parts to this: one, gathering all the relevant documents, most of whose names start with “1099”, and scanning them into PDFs for uploading to the preparer’s site; and two, filling out the blanks in the preparer’s workbook. I completed step one today. I was able to use the contents of last year’s “Uploads” folder to make sure I had all the same stuff, and a little more (“1099S” is the report of proceeds from sale of property). Figure to do, or at least start, phase two on Tuesday.

Had lunch in my room watching the Stanford women winning at ASU. Friday night they lost to UA; today they had no trouble at all with ASU. This is the reverse of the usual pattern. Prior years, UA has been a push-over, and their arena has been very lightly attended, while ASU in Tempe is always hard to beat and their arena is packed, so if you wanted to attend, you needed to order tickets ahead. This year we are in upside-down world: UA’s arena was (as seen on the TV) full and they won, and ASU looked weak and their crowd, not so great.

Next I decided to begin implementing my plan to improve my “garden”, the collection of pots on the balcony. I’d put that off until after the upgrade; well, that’s now. I went to Summerwinds Nursery and bought four more pots, and two fuscias and a coral bells plant, and some potting soil, and a hummingbird feeder.

Came back, schlepped all that upstairs, potted out my new plants. Then there’s the Oxalis. I must post a picture of this. I spotted this nice prolific-looking plant outside a bank on Hamilton ave a few months ago. Small purple-bronze leaves, small bright yellow flowers, and it spills out of its container. I leaned over and snapped off a couple of shoots, took them home, rooted them. Fast-forward a few months, I have a foot-diameter bush of what Jean identified as an Oxalis variety, and growing very vigorously. So today I repotted it into my largest pot, and set it on its own wrought-iron pot stand. I expect it will turn into a fire-plug-size purple mound by fall.

Anyway, I now have something over 10 plants. I expect the fuscias will do very well here on the East side of the building. If they do, I’ll get more.


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