1.089 docent, smog, closet, picture

Saturday, 2/29/2020

Relaxed around the house until time to leave for the Museum to lead the Saturday noon tour. While relaxing, made the first move in getting my closets remodeled, by requesting a consultation with Valet Custom Cabinets, the closet contractor that I know is approved by Angela for work at Channing House. Also selected a smog test station.

Went to the Museum, led a tour for 15 people. Got a nice round of applause, and a “That was a great tour!” from a couple of younger guys. Nice.

Drove back up El Camino to the chosen smog test place, where I was in and out in about 30 minutes (one car ahead of me). So that’s done, except for paying the DMV license fee.

In the email, a note that the lobby art committee would be taking art on the theme of “World Wide Getaways: art found or made on some island” in March. I decided that my Pyrgos Doorway picture might qualify, so I printed that 11×14 and put it in a frame.

Feeling I’d accomplished enough for a Saturday, I chilled out for the rest of the day.

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