1.088 pictures, tickets, lunch, FOPAL

Friday, 2/28/2020

I went for a run this morning, the first time in almost a month, what with the London trip and all. Listening to my body, I slowed to a walk a couple of times in the first part; but after I warmed up it was alright and I jogged to the end.

At 10:30, one of the Facilities guys came by as scheduled to hang my pictures. I now have art on various walls and the place looks quite lived-in. The two big oils are waiting, propped up in the bedroom, until I can get approval at a floor meeting to hang them in more public places. Or not, and I’ll hang them on my own hallway wall.

At 11am, SFJAZZ summer tickets went on member sale, and I bought tickets for Marcia Ball for me, and Charley Musselwhite to share with Scott and June. At 12:30 I headed off to meet Scott for lunch.

From there, I went down to FOPAL, suspecting that the onslaught of computer books might have continued. It had, there were 11 boxes waiting. However, three of them turned out to contain boxes of software products, which go straight to the bargain room. I processed the remaining 8 boxes, ending up with a half box of good stuff I want to shelve for the next sale, and a box of saleable books priced, to add to the stack of “priced” boxes that will go in future sales.

I ran up past 4pm doing this, and had to hurry home to change and go straight out again for dinner at Don and Kate’s place. We all being SWBB fans, we watched their game at UA, and they lost by a couple of points in overtime. Very nice dinner, though.


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