1.087 blood, docent, yosemite

Thursday, 2/27/2020

Oh dear oh dear, I seem to have missed a whole 2 days. First time.

This Thursday I started by driving to my clinic’s lab at 7:00, “NPO”, to give up a sample for a routine blood test. From there I took myself to a Starbuck’s for breakfast. Then I killed an hour sitting in the car in the Museum parking lot until 10am when I went in to lead a custom tour for “35 PayPal employees”. Chuck Rhino was the second docent. We split the group, and after ascertaining my half were all technical people, I took them into the 1401 lab and gave them an overview of software development, circa 1960, to give Chuck time to get started. Then the rest of my usual tour. They seemed to enjoy it.

It was now 11:30 and I headed off to join the other volunteers at the Yosemite site, actually joining them at an Una Mas where they were lunching. Except I didn’t get there until they had pretty well finished, so I got a burrito to go, which I ate half of while driving back to the warehouse. There Toni and I did cataloging, registering a set of blower fans from a 7094 (?probably?) from the Pierce collection that somehow hadn’t been cataloged along with the rest of the collection.


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