1.083 pictures, Princess Ida, tech call

Sunday, 2/23/2020

For Sunday morning coffee I walked to P.A. Cafe, and walked back, 3+ miles. Spent a couple of hours organizing my pictures from pictures from Bletchley Park into a single gallery that I can share with CHM people.

At 12 I left for the Mountain View Center for Performing Arts, to attend the Lamplighters’ Princess Ida. Jean met me in the plaza; I’d invited her to join me. We went in early for a short talk by the former artistic director about the play. The original script treated the lead character in a misogynistic way. He described how a simple tweak to the script left her with agency and control, so the final outcome was that she married the hero by choice, not forced by the choice of the patriarchy.

The production was polished as usual, and the woman singing the lead had a magnificent voice.

I stopped at Creamery for supper. I went in with the intention of having one of their wonderful shakes, but sitting down to order, decided to just have a coke instead. Huh. Am I finally turning into an adult? How sad.

Back home and there was a tech squad call. Judy says her Mac complains, “not connected to the internet”. Figured that wouldn’t be too hard, and it wasn’t. She’d accidentally turned off the wi-fi.


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