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Friday night at the late time of 8pm, SWBB hosted OSU. The Beavers kept it close, neither team getting more than 3 points ahead, until the third quarter when Stanford pulled out to 14 points ahead. In the 4th, they gave it back, and in the final seconds the Beavs trailed by three, with the ball, and in fact got the shot they wanted by their best shooter, but it was short.

Saturday, 2/22/2020 love those deuces

In the morning I went out for a walk to deposit a check (an IBM benefits check, from the agency that just can’t manage to do direct deposit; I’m sure I carped about that last year) and to buy a couple of things. One thing I meant to buy was some dried apricots from the stand at the farmer’s market, but the ‘cot sellers weren’t there this week.

Off to the museum to lead the 12 o’clock tour. I had meant to try to have more of the easy, conversational style of the British docents I’d admired. I didn’t. I felt rushed even though I skipped a couple of points. OK tour, people clapped, but, meh. Not happy with myself.

Back home, I made up my mind where to hang the various prints I have. Facilities is to send someone to do the hanging on Friday. But I have green tape on the walls to show where they go.

At 5:30 I met with George and Betsy for dinner. Weeks ago I had learned about the International Championship of Collegiate A Capella. A sub-regional competition was being held at the Fox in Redwood City. (I learned about that because I’m on the Fox’s mailing list.) It sounded like fun. I posted the fact of the event to the house bulletin board, saying if anyone else bought tickets, we could car-pool. George and Betsy were the only ones to do so. So after supper we headed off in my car for the Fox.

There were eight teams competing, including two from UC Davis, three from UC Berkeley, and groups from Stanford, UCSC, and Diablo Valley College. George was interested because he’d been in a college singing group back in the day, the day in his case being the 1950s — he’s a bit older than me. The music was disappointing to all of us oldsters. The tunes were mostly pop songs from this century, which tend to be pretty drone-like and boring (IMHO). The kids had lots of choreography and good beat-box percussion sounds, but on the whole it lacked snap, sparkle, excitement. I seriously considered reading on my phone to pass the time in some numbers. We stayed through most of it, but when they looked like dragging the awards presentation out, we left without learning the winner. I’ll check online tomorrow.


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