1.081 post-travel cleanup

I was expecting that the cold that I maybe got at Matilda on Tuesday, which developed into a good mucus flow Wednesday night, would make Thursday’s travel miserable, but in fact it tapered off into a once-every-30-minutes nose-blow and I felt pretty healthy throughout the flight. On arrival at SFO, I managed to complete the Global Entry application process, and now can come through returning customs more quickly than the average person. That will be a considerable benefit, if this return was any indication. The queue for regular returnees was quite long. If I had had Global Entry I would have saved easily half an hour. In fact, I think I spent less time waiting in a short queue for the Global Entry Interview guy, and being interviewed, than I would have spent in the regular queue.

So I was home by 8:30 (after a 7:15 touch-down).

Friday, 2/21/2020

Got a decent night of sleep and started out at 6am sipping coffee and putting stuff away, and adding something else to the to-do list about every five minutes.

I went down to breakfast at 7:30, and stopped for my mail. My physical mailbox was pretty full. I had been told if it filled up completely, the mail carrier would tell the front desk, and they would set the overflow aside in a locked room. That had not happened, however. After discarding all the advertising material, I had six envelopes to put on my desk for processing later. I did stuff all morning: two loads of laundry; walked to the frame shop to pick up the picture I’d had reframed; dealt with those envelopes; and worked my way through about 20 emails that I’d left in my in-box to be dealt with on return. Got most of them dealt with.

Also messaged my doctor to get a referral for an eye exam. Got the referral later in the day and then booked the appointment for that, at the end of March.

Later in the day Chris H. of facilities came by to estimate the job of putting under-cabinet lighting in my kitchenette. I really want that done. The new ceiling light works fine for the entryway to the apartment, but when I stand at the sink, it casts my shadow over anything on the counter. He thinks there was an under-cabinet light, probably a little fluorescent, before, and it was trashed during the remodel. I honestly don’t remember. Anyway, we agreed he would put in LED strip lighting on Monday.

Late in the afternoon I decided where to hang my various prints. I have set up a time for facilities to do that, next Friday.


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