1.080 travel day

Thursday, 02/20/2020

Yesterday evening my cold began to develop. Thanks maybe to tylenol PM I got a lot of sleep. Now at 8am, I am packed, had a light breakfast, and am ready to go… for my 4pm flight. Sad emoji here. I plan to get an Uber to Terminal 3 around noon. Until then, I shall recline on my hotel bed and nap. I shall update this post if anything interesting happens, but hopefully nothing will.

Haiku for an upper respiratory infection

Beautiful bronchus

Air glides smoothly in and out

of the right nostril

The Uber was a nice Mercedes driven by a guy who didn’t mind not talking, and did a really nice job, working through very thick traffic with patience and skill. I tipped him 5pounds.

When I bought the sweater and the hat, I was given long receipts for claiming back the VAT. As you approach the door of Heathrow Terminal 3, there is a special door signed “VAT Refund” and nice clerks (mostly women with headscarves, multi-cultural London again) process your paperwork. I got $25 in US money, and another 2 pounds  in coins because she didn’t have USD smaller than a 5. And so into the terminal after a fairly tedious security check. They really, seriously, want all your liquid bottles out of the toiletry bag and into a plastic bag. And take your watch off, it won’t go through the magnet check.

Terminal 3 is like a crowded shopping mall, with lots of retail and restaurants all around. The gates are far off and mine won’t be posted until 3:15, an hour before scheduled departure time.

Terminal 3 Haiku

Duty-free beckons

Hey world trav’ler, put on cool

Got booze! Got candy!


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