1.068 scanner, tour, email

Saturday, 2/8/2020

Yesterday I’d promised Peter the loan of my film scanner. So first thing after breakfast I went down to the basement to rescue it from my storage cage. Brought it up, plugged it in, verified it worked. Put the relevant utilities on a memory stick.

Called Peter, took the scanner to his room, and we got it somewhat set up. Unfortunately the Canon scanner software I’d brought was a 32-bit app and he’d upgraded his mac to Catalina so it wouldn’t run. He’s a competent user so I left it to him to find the updated version. Then tried Vuescan, which I recommend except you have to pay for it. And it couldn’t preview in transparency mode.

I was running out of time so I left the whole mess for Peter to work out.

Drove to the Museum and led the noon tour. This was odd; I started with about 15 people, and by the end was down to 3. The rest just wandered away. I’m used to some dropoff, but this was unusual. I just didn’t resonate with this crowd.

Back home I dealt with pretty much all the email that had been congealing in my inbox. About 5pm, 24 hours to departure, I checked in for my flight and printed the boarding pass. Then supper and some television.


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