1.067 prep, art, packing, concert

Friday, 2/7/2020

Tossed and turned from 4:30 to 6:30. Pre-trip jitters are getting to me. I always get amped up before travel. Need to do this, need to do that, mustn’t forget the other.

My first scheduled thing was to drive to Oakland to pick up the paintings I’d bought. But I didn’t want to leave for that until at least 9am, especially because I could see a lot of fog out my window.

After breakfast, starting about 8am, I killed the items that were making me toss:

  • looked up the pending balance for one credit card and scheduled a bill-pay for it,
  • looked up the other pending credit card and ditto,
  • set up the vacation hold for the paper,
  • made out the check to Carol Aust for the paintings,
  • neatened all the various things on my desk that I want to defer until my return (election ballot, car registration plus smog check, and more).

And still had time to catch up on blog postings. Then I remembered that yesterday, one of the other museum volunteers said, if you are going to be in London, will you visit Bletchley Park? Oh, I think that’s too far out of town, isn’t it? No, just 40 miles or so, he thought.

So now I looked that up, and per Google maps, it’s a 90-minute trip by tube and train from my hotel. Looking at my itinerary, I have an unbooked day, Friday 2/14. So maybe. I will decide when I’m there.

Off to Oakland to pick up my artworks. I had bought two, mainly this large one, seen here on the floor of my bedroom because I’m still not sure where to hang it.


Compare this image to the one from last week, Day 1.061. Notice the difference? As I recounted then, I asked the artist to add more grass so it was clear the dancer was not falling through space. I tentatively suggested maybe she had shed her shoes? And Carol took that suggestion and ran with it, adding flung-off shoes with one still in flight. Cool!

I’m worried that this painting may not appeal to people as it does to me. But when I was carrying it down the hall, Jerry was coming out of his door, and he immediately liked it. So that’s good.

Over to Oakland and back by 11am. I had reserved the laundry for 11:30-1:30, perfect! So I got the laundry started before lunch. And finished soon after. Then I packed. As for the Greek trip, I have everything in a simple carry-on that fits under the seat. I will have to wash out shirts and underwear two or three times, but as I’m in the same hotel the whole time, that won’t be difficult. I might even pay for laundry… nah.

So down to supper where I sat with Susan and Harry and Peter and Juthica. Peter wants to borrow my scanner, to experiment with scanning slides. Coincidentally, just a year ago, Day 70, I was just getting into scanning slides. Will turn the scanner over tomorrow morning.

It turned out, Susan and Harry were also going to the Bing to hear Rhiannon Giddens, and offered me a ride. I had planned to take a Lyft but this was nicer.

The concert was somewhat a disappointment. Giddens has a marvelous voice, a powerful, flexible alto. When she actually sang, the concert was great. Highlights were  Wayfaring Stranger, her channeling Ethel Waters on Underneath the Harlem Moon, and Sister Rosetta Tharp on Up Above My Head. Problem was, she spent an awful lot of time talking; and spent a lot of time on instrumentals that were, frankly, boring. There was a great 40-minute concert that took 2-1/2 hours to get through.






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