1.069 off to London

Sunday, 2/9/2020

With nothing to do today except travel, I started with a now-traditional mile walk to the Palo Alto Cafe in Midtown. There bumped into Harriet, who mentioned she’d just had surgery. Oh, for what? Breast cancer. Ahh! Are you ok? Yes, it was small and well contained, not even radiation for a followup.

Before leaving Midtown, I went into CVS and bought a travel-size deodorant stick — just another thing I’d had a 4am panic over. I wouldn’t get anything done without my 4am panics. Back to CH, did some reading, got an hour nap, tidied the apartment, and finally 1pm came around and I could leave. Here I am in travel trim.


The security line was more than usually annoying, having to put hat, belt, shoes, iphone and chromebook all in bins, somehow ending up with three bins separated by other people’s bins, plus my bag. But I got through it with all possessions intact, and into Gate A5 with more than two hours to pass before boarding. Well, plenty of time to read Rick Steve’s London guidebook on Kindle.

Next post from London.

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