1.066 Yosemite

Thursday, 2/6/2020

Drove to the Yosemite ave. warehouse for another day of opening boxes, shelf by shelf, row by row. We are perhaps 30% done? The group went to the Philly Cheesesteak place for lunch. As a result I didn’t feel like supper, and had a sandwich in my room.

A topic at lunch was the old series, “Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries”, with those who’d seen it urging the few who’d not, to look it up. So I did look it up and replayed S1E1. It’s a beautifully made show, the costumes and sets for period Melbourne are beautiful. And Essie Davis was the perfect Miss Fisher. I remember that after three seasons, Marian and I got somewhat tired of it. But it was fun reviewing that first episode.

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