1.065 FOPAL, play

Wednesday, 2/5/2020

Went for a run; routine. About 9, drove to FOPAL where I put the computer section into final shape for the weekend sale, then took a break for lunch, and returned to the sorting room which was approaching the pre-sale bloat. Most sections are on “hold” meaning their managers don’t want any more books. So what do you do when you have a full box of “Nature/Animals” or “Philosophy”? You put on a post-it with the section name and pile it with others in the sorting room. I spent most of the next two hours processing donations, not to sort them, but simply to repack the books from the bags and miscellaneous box sizes they donors use, into standard bankers boxes so they could be stacked more neatly and compactly.

After supper I headed out to the Bus Barn theater (they prefer to call it the Los Alto Stage Company now but…). There is construction in the Los Altos civic center and I had to park a long way away. The play was Oslo, a retelling of the events that led up to the Oslo Accords agreement between the PLO and Israel. There were to be two intermissions. At the first one it was already 9pm; I wasn’t engaged; and there would clearly be at least 90 minutes more. So I bailed. The actors were doing a good job and the staging was fine; it just wasn’t that interesting a topic to me.


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