1.063 assessor, FOPAL

Monday, 2/3/2020

A week from today I’ll be in London. How about that?

Started the day with a run, which was nominal. Then I sat down to try to clarify a letter I received a couple days ago from the Santa Clara County Assessor. It referred to the Tasso street house, and asked for lots of details about the living trust, including “attach a copy of the trust document including all amendments”, and if this is not received in 15 days, the property will be reassessed. Huh? The one I sold last August? Of course it will be reassessed for the new owner, that’s Prop 13 in action. I was puzzled over the point of the whole thing, and also puzzled in detail since I couldn’t work out how some of the questions were to be answered.

So I called the assessor’s office, and the person on the line tried to be helpful, but finally pointed out that I could bring the trust documents to them in San Jose and they would do the copying and point out what they needed. OK, that settles what I’m doing tomorrow morning.

Later in the day I worked out what it must be about. It has nothing to do with the assessment of the property now, or with the fact that I sold it. It has to do with whether the property should have been reassessed as of Marian’s death, which would change rather drastically the one-half year’s property tax that I paid as part of the escrow settlement. I’m pretty sure that as the property was owned by the family trust, which continued intact, that won’t happen. But it will be nice to get it clarified.

Next up was the monthly Channing House Men’s Meeting. Recently that designation was challenged by a couple of women, and it was clarified that the men were sponsoring the meeting but that everyone was welcome to attend. The presenter this time was a friend of Bert’s, who works in the assistive device field, and he had attended the recent Consumer Electronics Show looking for all kinds of devices that assist the ailing or elderly. Fall detection is now a built-in function of the Apple Watch. There are other devices for fall detection, including room radar sensors that claim, or anyway hope, to notice when someone falls. He was rather dismissive of these. Lots of false alarms. There is “smart underwear”, basically elder diapers that incorporate a fall-detecting accelerometer in the waistband. For diabetics, there are now continuous glucose monitoring devices that are non-invasive. How? Well, one monitors your heart rhythm and somehow derives an estimated glucose level from that. There are socks, and shoe insoles, designed to analyze your gait, I’m not sure why.

As this was winding down, I headed out to FOPAL for five hours of work. Lots of books to price for the computer section, and then a massive amount of sorting backlog.

Nothing of note in the evening.

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