1.062 SWBB, Superb Owl, rug

Sunday, 02/02/2020

Palindrome day! 02022020. The next one, I believe, will be 12122121? Historic…

Walked to the P.A. Cafe for coffee and paper. The NYT puzzle had a very complex inner riddle scheme that I couldn’t figure out (still can’t).

Back home for Sunday lunch. Sunday lunch is the main meal of the day, and it was pretty good. Sat with Kay and Don, joined by Florrie and Dirk.

Then upstairs to watch the Stanford Women on TV having an easy win over WSU. Which led to time for the Superb Owl, which went on a long time. I spent some of the time on the 11th floor where a party of 20 or so had assembled to watch on the big screen. I wandered away from that for the second quarter and halftime. When I wandered back only two people were left and most of the snacks were gone, so I went back to my room for the final.

In the evening I got to thinking about finishing the decor. I need something under my cafe table. Preferably round, something like 5 foot diameter… a little searching on Amazon turned up a good candidate. Also I’d like some kind of lamp on that table. Originally I had my LED floor lamp over there, but it works better above my armchair reading nook. Some more browsing Amazon turned up what I think will be a nice-looking LED table lamp with a sculptured wood (grain plastic) base. Put both of those in the cart, clicky clicky, done. Coming Wednesday.

A year ago, 2/2/2019, I visited Webster House and wrote at length on what I’d learned. I also was beginning to dither over what furniture I would bring from Tasso street to wherever I would move. In the end, very little.


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