1.061 Docent, Art buy

Saturday, 2/1/2020

Toddled off to the Museum to lead the public tour at 12. The staff had been putting out plaintive queries all week, for somebody to please lead a private tour of “12 Korean Executives” at 3pm. I’d have taken the job except I need to be in Oakland at 5:30. Well, turns out the Korean Executive tour had cancelled at the last minute. Fortunately no docent had stepped up to be disappointed. Or maybe fortunate they cancelled because they would have had no docent.

Anyway, got a nice round of applause from about 20 people, so good. Back to CH for a couple of hours and then off to Oakland to attend an open house at the home of the artist Carol Aust.

Back in May (Day 154) I attended an artist open house at Hunter’s Point, and was impressed by a painting of Carol Aust’s. I dithered for a couple of months, then asked her via email for a price, and set a date to come look at it again. In September just before I was to go see it, she emailed that it had sold! Even so, I did go (with Darlene and Jessea) to visit her house (Day 292). By amazing coincidence, they live only 4 blocks from the Aust home, so we walked from their house to hers. Anyway, nothing she had on view then resonated with me. But I’m on her email list so got an invite to attend a reception at her house to see new work.

That’s what I went off to today. The drive to Oakland took an hour. A couple dozen people showed up to nosh and talk, mostly it seemed, personal friends of the Austs. Sitting on the piano in the living room was “Leap #2”:


which I at first liked and then didn’t. I mis-apprehended the image because in the fairly dim light of the living room, the ground at the bottom merged with the black of the frame and I perceived it as a figure leaping into completely open space, like a suicide off a cliff. It made me uncomfortable and I said so. “Oh no!” says the artist, “She’s all right, the ground is right there!” When I saw it, yes, it’s ok, now it’s just a person exuberantly leaping. No danger of falling indefinitely. So it’s just a fantastical jump, not a suicide.

So I agreed to buy the painting! She agreed to add a little more height to the grass so it would be more definite and nobody else would make the mistake I had.

I am to go and pick it up next Friday. Yay. And so I drove back home.

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