1.047 Docent, writing, handywork

Saturday, 1/18/2020

Today’s main activity was to lead the noon tour at the museum. I had about 25 people at the start, 20 at the end.

Back at CH I put in a facilities request for two annoyances in this apartment 435. One, the kitchen sink tap has started dripping just in the past week. Two, the little fluorescent light over the sink flickers several times before it comes on. Needs a new starter module, my diagnosis. Later in the day, a facilities guy came by. His opinion on the faucet: they will completely replace it, but that will be on Monday. Not just a washer? No, we change a washer, it will just start dripping again in a month, he said.

As to the light, he replaced the two little 12-inch fluorescent tubes. It might be brighter but doesn’t start any faster. I don’t think he knew what I meant by a starter. Forget it; it will surely be replaced when the 4th floor is upgraded, a year from now.

After he left, I opened up the light and pulled out the two starter modules. I walked up to the hardware store a few blocks away and bought replacements. Came back and put them in and… it doesn’t light any faster than before. So my diagnosis was wrong. It’s just a crappy design.

On a positive note, I then added 600 words to the novel. I really want to get that finished, maybe this month? Soon, anyway. Reason is, I have thought of another project I could do, but I refuse to start something new with too many other things pending unfinished. So that’ll be motivation.


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