1.048 mostly sports on TV

Sunday, 1/19/2020

For Sunday morning coffee I walked the mile-plus to the PA Cafe, admiring a very orange sunrise, arriving 7:30-ish and having a pleasant sit with an almond croissant reading the paper and doing the puzzle. Walking back I was struck by how it seemed colder then, than on the outward trip. Don’t have any numbers or proof, but I had to hustle along with my shoulders up on the return walk, and didn’t feel that going out.

The Stanford Women were to play Oregon State at noon. I made myself a sandwich and took it to the 11th floor where I brought the game up on the big TV. There I watched the first half, hoping some other fans might join me, but none did. The team started cold and were down 11 at one point, then came back to tie at the half.

I moved to my own easy chair for the second half and watched them gradually get a small lead over a determined, aggressive opponent. More players sprawling on the floor diving for balls than in any recent game. Unfortunately the best of the talented freshmen, Hayley Jones, injured her knee. Not known if it is the dreaded ACL or just a sprain.

Which brought us to 3pm and time for the 49ers in the NFC title game. I had not watched a 49ers game all year, indeed for a couple of years. I watched most of this one as the Niners romped over Green Bay. They were obviously going to win so with a couple of minutes left I deleted the recording. Hence I missed the capper on the game, when the Packers’ last hail-mary pass was caught by a Niner.

I went down to supper about 6 and was just not a bit interested in anything on the menu. This happens from time to time, I walk up to the serving counter and… no thanks! and I just turn away. On a warm summer night, I’d have walked out to a local restaurant but tonight I went back to my room and made another sandwich.

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