1.046 anthem, FOPAL

Friday, 1/17/2020

Went for a run on damp streets. Pleasant. Ran a load of laundry, really just to wash one sweater that wants special handling, but I added a couple of other garments so the machine would be balanced.

The little refrigerator in this temporary apartment has been making an odd noise, and in investigating I discovered that the freezer had a half-inch coat of ice. So I defrosted it, and figured out the likely cause, its door doesn’t close properly. Well, it will probably get trashed when this unit is upgraded next year, or the new, 5th-floor camper may deal with it.

I received word that FOPAL was back in operation, so after lunch went to see. A hazmat removal service had taken out all the old carpeting. I had wondered how they would deal with the many heavy book cases. Well, it appears they just cut close around their edges with utility knives and left the carpet under them. Later in the day Janette notified us that the building owner would pay for new carpeting, installed as carpet squares, next week. I did some sorting for a couple of hours until all of the regular Friday 2pm volunteers arrived and it was too crowded.

Not much else of interest this day.

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