1.040 Docent, FOPAL

Saturday, 1/11/2020

The A/V committee assigned me to support a lecture tomorrow afternoon. Formerly lectures with accompanying powerpoint slides happened in the Auditorium. However, the Auditorium is currently shut while the whole A/V facility there is upgraded. So this event has to happen on the 11th floor “penthouse”. There is a big TV there, as I’ve mentioned before (day 1.002). However, it is in an alcove with seating for at most 20, realistically 10 or 15. George, the speaker, will probably draw lots more.

Solution, there is a big flat-screen TV on a rolling stand that is used, mostly, for big meetings, where it is set up to mirror the speaker’s slides in the back of the auditorium. But it can be moved to the 11th floor, and I put in a facilities work order for that on Friday. I met with George on the 11th floor at 10am, we went over what he needed, and discussed how to arrange the seating.  Then, on my way out of the building, I stopped at the basement lair of the facilities office to check the TV move order. Good thing. The one dude there for the weekend didn’t know anything about it. So I wrote out another facilities request.

Then to the museum and led a tour of 20 or so people, which went fine. On the way back, I stopped at the FOPAL sale in progress to tidy up my section. People make such a mess of it, reshelving books (or not reshelving). Also checked on some books I have extras of, and yay! a tome on TCP/IP had sold, so I pulled a backup out of my stash and restocked it.

I’m not sure what all happened in the afternoon, nothing exciting. Might update if I recall.

A year ago, I was just starting to evaluate senior residences. I noted prices from $3300 a month to $8800. I ended up a little past the midpoint of that range.

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