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Friday, 1/10/2020

Went for a run this morning, first time since a week ago. Felt a bit feeble for the first couple of blocks but after I warmed up, it was fine.

Back home to do stuff. Exciting stuff. Refilled my pill cases for the week. Refilled the shampoo and conditioner bottles in the shower. Got on the Anthem website and figured out how to pay them the $3 I owe them for my prescriptions.

Did I mention? (no) that my prescription meds arrived yesterday, so that part, the home delivery, is working. Also didn’t mention that yesterday I mailed the checks for the 4th quarter estimated tax. I don’t tell you everything, Dere Diary.

What isn’t working is using Bill Pay at the credit union website to pay the monthly insurance bill. Back in December, they billed me for my first month of coverage (just $20.60), and I thought I had ordered Bill Pay to pay it. But now Bill claims not to know about that; and Anthem shows me as owing them for January and February. It is just barely possible that I failed to click the last “do it” button in the bill pay process. That has happened once before, causing an embarrassing overdue notice from Palo Alto Utilities; and on that account I take pains to not write “Scheduled” on the statement until I have actually clicked “Send Money” on the website. But, maybe. So I very carefully went through the process to send $41.20, double-checked the address, definitely clicked “Send Money” and noted the confirmation code. That should cause a check to reach them on the 15th, and I’ll check online after that.

Lynne (a different Lynne from dinner last night) is preparing the elevator poster for when I give a talk about my book in April. She showed it to me yesterday and I didn’t like the headline. So now I rewrote it and slipped it under her door as promised. Later she showed me the revision and I approved it.

Last Tuesday Susan consulted with me about self-publishing, which she wants to do. I took along a couple of books to show her, the photo books we made for the SWBB team back in 2011-13, to show what the current print-on-demand platforms can do. I left them with her because Harry, her husband, wanted to see them. Well, apparently Wednesday evening they put the two books in #621 cubby in the mail room.  (There is a two sided bookcase with one shallow cubby for each of the 200-odd rooms, mostly used for house announcement letters, or for anything else you want to pass to somebody, “I’ll drop it in your cubby tomorrow”) But they weren’t there last night, nor now. She might have put the books in the wrong cubby, but says they had my name on them. Mystery. Who’d take two nice picture books and keep them? She’s put out a note on the CH email list; maybe they’ll be returned. They were my only copies; however, they are still there at Blurb.com, and can be ordered — at $42 each. Premium paper, full-bleed color printing etc. If they don’t show up, I imagine Susan will order them, or if not, I will. No biggie. Other people have commented darkly about things disappearing from the open cubbies. But when I looked today, I noticed somebody’s cubby had a MacBook Air in it. That’s trusting.

Put in 30 minutes on the novel, added 300 words, but realized that I’d strayed from the structure I laid out in the outline I put together weeks ago. Must think.

At 2pm the staff put on a 50’s-themed party in the lobby, to kick off the upgrade of the fifth floor. Did they do a 60’s party last September when the 6th floor started to move out? I don’t remember. Listening to Little Richard and Elvis and Rock around the clock, I was struck by two things about that music. One, how simple it is, drums, acoustic bass, and one more instrument; and two, how fast the tempos are. Compare Tutti Frutti to something contemporary, like the band Pom Pom Squad that I just heard highly praised. They’re both rock’n’roll, both musically minimal, and both boundary-pushers (and I just bet that Mia Berrin and Richard Pennyman could have totally bonded, talking about eye makeup) but dear goodness the modern band is playing a dirge compared to the early one.

There were snacks at the party, so I skipped supper. Lenny rode with me to the SWBB game against Cal. Stanford took an early lead and romped to a 33-point win, leading by over 40 at times. Cal scored just one basket in the third quarter. The same teams meet again at Cal on Sunday, which must be a glum prospect for the Cal team.




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