Day 42, simple Saturday

Saturday, 1/12/2019

After breakfast I sat down to review the info on senior residences that Alan Brauner had sent. The info was in the form of PDF which looked like a printout from a database selection. Well, here’s the top row,


Lots of good info, actually more than I need since I’m pretty sure I don’t want a Studio and certainly don’t want a 2-bedroom unit. To make sure I’d digested it I made my own document for each the places, and added entries for three others I knew of that I was curious about. I sent him an email asking for his info on those three. His data includes actual prices. You can’t get that from anybody’s website. The websites, like this one for The Avant for example, are all about healthy carefree seniors enjoying luxurious amenities, and avoid any mention of actual dollars. So the fact that Alan’s data includes what I suppose are current prices makes it valuable. (Although one has to wonder what those plus-signs really mean. I suppose if a 1BR starts at $8800/month, then the “$8000+” for a Studio can’t go much over $8799.) (Well, on second thought, maybe there are super deluxe studios that actually cost more than the cheapest 1-bedroom units.)

Prices are kind of all over the place. Among the seven facilities in his data, the monthly price for a 1BR ranges from $3200 to the $8800 at the Avant.  What does a 1BR at the Avant have that is worth four thousand dollars a month more than a 1BR at Chateau Cupertino? You couldn’t tell from their websites. So — lots of research and shopping yet to do.

That done I went out, first to the Post Office to mail a packet of historical family data that turned up while I was cleaning out bookshelves. This was a folder of miscellaneous history and type-written biography about my mother’s family back in Pennsylvania that had been sitting between her autobiography and my father’s autobiography. Oh yes we are a writin’ family; the two of them went to a lot of trouble, each writing up their personal history and having it typed and copies made and distributed to junior relatives. (Sorry, posterity, from me this blog is all you get.) At some point I’d acquired this other material about my mother’s family, and stuck it in the same shelf. Now I sent off the fat packet (11.1 oz said the postal scale) to my niece who does all the family genealogy.

Thence to the market to buy some groceries. This grocery is next door to FOPAL, and today was the start of the book sale weekend. I’d never seen one of these, so after I put my grocery bags in the car I walked around to have a look. People queue up to enter, and are allowed in in small groups as similar numbers of people exit from the opposite door. Inside it’s quite crowded. I’d only seen the sale room when it was quiet, as I went in to stack a sorted box of books in front of its appropriate shelf area. Now it was full of people blocking the narrow aisles to stoop down and look at titles on the lower shelves. Lots of people were walking around with big armloads of books.

I had not meant to buy anything, but… In the science fiction section there was a Douglas Adams Hitchhiker’s Guide omnibus, with all the novels of that series in one fat volume. For two bucks, how could I resist?

Back home I had a nap, added a feature to my program, and thought about what to do for dinner. I believe I’ll go out; hopefully for something nicer than a hamburger.


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