1.033 Docent, wipers

Saturday, 1/4/2020

Today’s main thing was to lead the noon tour at the Museum. That went well, started with 30 or so and had most? well, more than 20, at the end.

Driving down, I noticed (for probably the tenth time) that when cleaning the windshield, the wipers left streaks. Time to replace. So I used my phone to find the nearest auto parts store on the way back. Here’s an annoyance: apparently it is not a thing to stock wiper refills any more. I seem to recollect that the normal thing used to be, you go into the auto store and work out via their confusing documentation, which plastic tube of thin rubber inserts would fit your wiper arms. Then with needle-nose pliers and only a little swearing, hardly ever any blood, you would replace the rubber insert in each wiper arm.

Not any more. Now your only option (at least, at this store) is to buy two replacement wiper arms for roughly $25 each, and replace the entire arms and what can you do with the old ones? They are mixed plastic and metal, not recyclable, they have to go to the landfill. A colossal waste of resources.

Anyway. Streak-free wiping now.

At supper, I got to the counter in the dining room and, I dunno, I just wasn’t hungry or something. Although they had three decent entrees (two were salmon and duck, geez whaddaya want?) but they just didn’t attract me. I went back to my room and had a cheese and salami sandwich and a beer. Sometimes you just don’t want duck. Odd.

A year ago this day I sent the email to Craig that started the chain of events that resulted in me being here at Channing House. That post mentions “grief blips”. I had a couple of minor grief blips day before yesterday, just walking along. Nothing worth mentioning really.

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