1.032 anthem at last, jean, SWBB

Friday, 1/3/2020

Went for a run, which felt ok, no issues. I had been told that Paul, the in-house tech guy, wanted to check my wi-fi in preparation for the move back, at 10. Thinking this would involve gathering all the MAC addresses for the new ClearPass system, I made all six internet-connected devices (laptop, desktop, kindle, chromebook, printer, and iphone) cough up their MAC addresses, and printed those out.

In fact, he wasn’t ready to do that, just wanted to check and label the Comcast box. But said if I wanted to email them to him, that would be good, so I did.

Next up, trying to log into the Anthem Medicare drug benefit site, which hadn’t worked previously. Yes it did work now. I was happy to be in, but (of course) when I checked my prescriptions, it knew of none. Naturally they wouldn’t have got that info from Humana… I guess I am not saying that in a sarcastic tone. Not much anyway.

What does deserve sarcasm is: there is no info on the site telling you how to add a prescription. You know, simple stuff like, “tell your provider to send the prescription to…” All they had was, “call the number on the back of your card.”

Which I did, and got the fairly simple info on pharmacy name, address, fax number, and sent that info in a message to my PCP.

I needed a big jar of aspirin. I have 1000-tablet bottles of tylenol and ibuprofen, and my big jar of aspirin, which I take daily, had just run out. So I walked over to CVS on University. Big bottles of all the name-brand pain killers, but only 100s of aspirin.

I’d had an email from Jean saying please stop by to pick up your annual Christmas present of biscotti. The Paweks gave the Cortesis a big package of chocolate-coated biscotti every year for many many years, and I guess she wants to continue that tradition. So I drove down there. Picking up my mail had noted a flyer from the Lamplighters, touting a production of G&S Princess Ida at the MV performing arts. Jean had gone with me to HMS Pinafore there last year (Day 252, August). I asked if she’d like to see another, and she said yes, so later in the day I bought tickets for that.

At the Walmart next to her place I got a bottle of, not 1000 aspirin but 500. Well, that’s a year and half. So, back home, I got an email from Lenny, could she get a ride to the game tonight? Game! I hadn’t looked at the calendar, but of course there was a SWBB game. So i drove to that, taking David G. and Lenny. Stanford played a bit sloppy, but it was good enough to beat WSU by 20. Sunday brings UW which will be a larger challenge.


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