1.034 duvet, SWBB, Swiss Trip

Sunday, 1/5/2020

For my Sunday morning coffee I decided, since the weather was fine and cool, to walk to the old midtown place. It was 1.1 miles going. Now I see that I had 4.3 miles for the day. Good work, me.

Next was to definitely buy a duvet and cover. I have been shopping online for this, and again this morning, and decided that Macy’s had acceptable ones. So off to Stanford Shopping Center. Macy’s didn’t. Despite the website claiming that what I wanted was available for free pickup at my store, no. They had very few duvet covers, and only King and Twin sizes. Boo.

I was walking toward Pottery Barn when I passed Mizu and decided to look in. And they had nice plain-looking ecru duvet covers and duvets in Full size. OK. Done. Put those in the car and headed for the campus. Sat in the car for a while, then into Maples for the 2pm SWBB game, against UW.

The Huskies have been doing well, and against us in the PAC-12 tournament last year, they made it close, behind 39 points from their star, Amber Melgoza. The first half today looked like a repeat, with the score tied at the half. But whatever Tara put in the water at half-time worked; the team went on a tear and opened up a big lead in the third quarter and won going away — holding Melgoza to “only” 17 points.

Back home, I put the duvet into its cover — getting a duvet into a duvet cover is a lot easier when you have two people, I must say — and put it on the bed. Looks fine, if low-key.

Had a nice supper sitting with Helene, Janet, and new residents Kay and Don. Kay and Don, Kay and Don… trying to make names stick.

Back in my room I noted the Road Scholar trip page that I’ve had cached for a couple of weeks and decided to pull the trigger on this trip: “Splendors of Switzerland by Rail” for June 10-25. I went through the purchase process, paying $250 down, and bought the trip insurance package, another $715. I can cancel losing only those amounts anytime before April 4th, a date I noted in my calendar. Next task is to call their support line and make sure the $3000 credit from when I had to reschedule the Greek trip, is applied to this one.



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