1.029 quiet eve

Tuesday, 12/31/2019

I had nothing planned today except the A/V committee meeting at 5pm. I’m not sure where the time went. I did some writing, yay, played a little computer game, meh. Attended the meeting. There are few January events owing to the auditorium being closed for a month so that the A/V equipment can be upgraded. Except that nobody can seem to get any updates on the progress of that work contract, if any. Mystery. Anyway I was assigned one event, for which I will have to make work the rolling video screen, a large monitor on a rolling stand. Adventure.

Skipped supper because of a New Year’s eve party on the 11th floor, so I could fill up on snacks, which I did. The 2nd floor was sponsoring it, and they had decided to do a game night, setting out tables with a variety of board and other games, with one volunteer at each table who knew the game to act as dealer/teacher/monitor. It worked pretty well, a lot of people were playing, many on games that were new to them. I played a couple of rounds of a word game called one-up, using scrabble-like letter tiles.

And to bed by 10:30. Fireworks, feh.


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