1.028 Fopal, beer

Monday, 12/30/2019

Went for a run in the morning. My body wasn’t feeling quite top-hole, and I walked a couple of blocks in the middle that I normally run.

IMG_4500Then to FOPAL where I found fourteen boxes of books waiting. Sorters been busy over the holidays. So I spent a couple of hours culling them and pricing the best, and ended up shelving maybe 40 books, sending 9 boxes to the bargain room.

And a couple of hours of sorting after, brought me to 1pm and I clocked out.

Now I was determined to find my favorite beer, Rogue Brewing’s Dead Guy Ale. A couple months ago I used their “beer finder” web page to find a six-pack at my local Target store, of all unlikely places. But I checked twice lately and Target seems to have forgotten about Rogue entirely.

Now the beer finder pointed me to Total Wines and More on Rengstorff. That turned out to be a large and well-stocked wine place, reminding me of the old Beltramo’s in Menlo Park. And with some hunting (there were four aisles of craft beers!) I found my Dead Guy and brought some home.

Late in the afternoon I added a couple hundred words to the novel.

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