1.030 quiet new year

Wednesday, 1/1/2020

Woke with a scritchy throat and feeling not quite. Breakfast downstairs, then ended up taking a post-breakfast nap. Killed time until time for lunch. Helene had invited me to her birthday lunch–she was born on new year’s day. There were about a dozen people at the table. Conversation at my end involved some stories from people who been children in the Philippines at the start of WWII and knew people who had been (or had themselves been? not clear on this) interned in civilian POW camps.

In the afternoon I checked and yes, I had a slight fever, 0.5F over my usual temp. OK. Sat around reading. Today, being a big holiday, there was no supper service. I had picked up my brown bag supper after breakfast. (I think they should call that service, which they do three or four days a year, the “supper sack”.) Mary Beth, the floor rep, put out an email suggesting we all meet in the 4th floor dining room for supper, but (a) I didn’t read it until I had almost finished my sandwich at 5:30, and (b) didn’t want to share my virus. So a very quiet evening.

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