1.022 Tax, Marian’s tree, decorations

Tuesday, 12/24/2019

This morning brought an email from Angela the Empress of Upgrades (seriously, she does a royally fine job) with the word that my personal move-back date is 31 January. I have been to a couple of upgraded floors lately and my golly the difference is amazing; the hallways are so bright with new LED lighting and paint and carpet that it makes this fourth floor look like a dungeon.

I picked up yesterday’s mail after breakfast. It included a fat package from the Tax People, the official return on Marian’s estate. Bottom line, I am the recipient of 11 million dollars (settle down!) of exemption from estate tax. Since I presumably had a comparable exemption already, I can leave as much as $20 mil to my heirs tax free. Seems excessive. Earlier in the week I had paid their invoice for preparing this form, $1500. Now I have the form, it almost justifies the fee, it is about 5/8 of an inch thick and weighs at least a pound. Oh, wait, when I look at it, the great bulk of it is “exhibits” consisting of forms I already gave them, like Marian’s will, the old Trust document, etc. Well, whatever.

I went out to run a couple of errands and went by the tree we planted for Marian in Bol Park. It has one little green leaf at the top, all others are brown. I hope this is just winter time and it will start coming back in a few months.

In the afternoon I spent some time sitting at the keyboard facing my novel and deciding what to do next. Which will probably tearing up and rewriting the last 3 chapters I wrote.




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