1.021, FOPAL, game, rug

Monday, 12/23/2019

Went for a run in 50º chill. Felt ok. Then to FOPAL for four hours of work. And then home feeling a bit sore, promising myself “Two ibuprofen and a nap”. Treatment applied as directed, and I felt much better.

Did a couple more tutorials in the game. It begins to get hella complex; as the “commander” of the nascent mars colony you are to simultaneously manage robots extracting minerals, robots doing maintenance on machinery that continually breaks down, personnel assignments in the dome, keeping colonists happy so they don’t go back to Earth, building new facilities, earning money by shipping minerals back to Earth, and on and on.

All of which brought this thought up. We used to worry about violent video games teaching violence, Grand Theft Auto teaching disrespect for the law, etc. Well, Surviving Mars is just one of a whole genre of games where the player has to administer something, balancing complex nets of resources. Stellaris is another, and all the Civilization series where you have to build a nation from scratch. So, do these games teach management skills? Are players who excel at them, good at allocating personnel and resources in real life?

Late in the afternoon, a call from the desk, you have a package. I went down to get it and it was (ta-daaa) the rug I ordered from Amazon. It came as a roll 8 foot long and about 10 inches in diameter. So, not a thick luxurious rug, but I didn’t expect that. I left it rolled up and stowed against the wall. I won’t see it until move-back day.

I should mention that I checked in with Dennis on Thursday and again this evening. Toni had an operation on her foot earlier last week. As of Thursday, Dennis was a bit troubled because she was invalided more than they’d hoped. Today things were a bit better; she was getting around and beginning to work at home.

Day 21 a year ago, I started cleaning out the pantry of jars and boxes of staple foods I would never use; then attended the movie Bohemian Rhapsody.

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