1.020 wasted impulse, SWBB, game

Sunday, 12/22/2019

Coffee, newspaper, puzzle at the old stand, the P.A. Cafe, driving there in light rain. Coffee over, I was thinking about what to do with the rest of the day, and I really must learn to control this urgent feeling of needing to do something with my Sundays. This time I thought about a story in the paper about a Christmas market in the Ferry Building. I’ve walked through the Ferry Building market before, it was pleasant; what the heck, let’s drive to the city and do that.

As I went North on 101 the rain became heavier, and was torrential when I reached The Embarcadero. There were no obvious places to park and it was miserable out. This is really stupid, I thought, and decided to, as the GPS likes to say sometimes, “Make a legal U-turn…” and headed back the way I came. The rain continued very heavy, wipers on high and big puddles extending into the freeway traffic lanes at several points. Nasty driving.

Back home, I began to play the SWBB game at Texas, that started recording at 10am. Texas although unranked, seemed to have an excellent defensive plan. At any rate, Stanford shot terribly, 19% in the first half, trailed most of the game, got within 2 points several times in the final minutes, but lost. Their first loss of the season. Actually, it might be a good thing. They won’t be burdened with a #1 ranking next week, and they’ve had some weaknesses exposed they can work on.

For lunch I didn’t like the look of the menu at CH, and walked up University to Wahlburger’s (the rain had vanished) and had a very nice “burger bowl,” basically a salad bowl topped with guacamole, a burger patty, and bacon.

In the afternoon I started exploring a new computer game, Surviving Mars. I got it as part of one of the Humble Bundle discount packages. I worked through two of the early tutorials and it looks like it could be fun.


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