Day 359, rain, FOPAL, groceries

Wednesday, 11/27/2019

The first rain of the year arrived yesterday afternoon, first as a drizzle, then a quite heavy shower around 8pm, and another very heavy shower about 4am that woke me up.

At 7am I looked at the weather radar online and debated with myself whether a gap between two bands of green pixels meant it would be dry long enough for me to run. Then I leaned out from the balcony looking at the hills to the west and realized, “that’s a rain shower right there,” and decided no, I would get rained on. But what to do for exercise? I could wait around for the 9:15 strength and balance class, but (a) I like to get exercise out of the way earlier than that, and (b) there’s no aerobic component to it. So for the first time I went down to the gym in the basement and ran on one of the Channing House treadmills. Which are quite new, state of the art ones. I ran for approximately the same duration and speed as I would run on the street.

About 11am I went to FOPAL. Lyft had given me 25% off my next ten rides, so I used Lyft there and back again around 4:30. Both times I elected to use the “shared” option. On the way down, as typical, I had the car to myself, but on the way back at 4:30, the car stopped at two locations to pick up other people.

On Monday or Tuesday, somebody had delivered a very large donation of computer books. The donor appears to have been a practicing developer from 2000 to 2005, using, or at least interested in, the whole Microsoft world of .NET, Visual C#, Access, SQL Server, and more. Box after box of books, many the style I call “tombstones”, big heavy 1000-page paperbacks, mostly in mint or near-mint condition. Only a few showed signs of heavy use, post-its and dog-eared corners.

Sadly they were not really saleable. The most recent was from 2007, that’s twelve years ago, which is a glacial age in software time. I checked the version numbers of the software they documented and none were within even 2 or 3 levels of the current version. So the books can’t be used with the current software; and someone who for some crazy reason has to work with version 1.0 of the .NET framework, surely has any manuals they need. I ended up sending fifteen (15!) boxes to the bargain room. I priced and shelved maybe twenty books from the whole donation.

On return to CH I found a second elevator out. One of our three elevators stopped working on Friday, I think it was, and the latest word from management is that a part needs to be fabricated for it and it will be out 1-2 weeks more. Now today, a second one is “temporarily out of service”. I think I will be using the stairs. Fortunately I am currently on the 4th floor, so going down to meals is easy and coming back isn’t too bad. Leave the one elevator to people on 7 to 10.

In fact I decided to eat a simple PBJ supper in my room and went to bed early.


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