Day 358, laundry, plant stand, meeting

Tuesday, 11/26/2019

First thing in the morning I ran my laundry. While that was working, I unpacked and tasted a new low-carb meal replacement product that had come in the mail yesterday. Then I wrote a review of it on Reddit.

I’ve been following this little niche industry of meal replacements since Soylent was first introduced back in 2015. For quite a while, they were all distributed as powders to which you add water, sometimes also oil. To make a meal you mix up a scoop of powder, maybe a drizzle of oil, and water in a shaker. About 2017 if I recall right, Soylent introduced a “ready to drink” (RTD) product, a premixed liquid meal in a bottle. Some others have since added RTD lines.

A niche within a niche is the “Keto” meal replacements. These are extremely low-carb, one or two grams of net (i.e. non-fiber) carbohydrates per meal. If such foods comprise your entire nutrition, your metabolism enters a state of “nutritional ketosis” in which your cells extract energy from ketones rather than glucose. This is a medical treatment for some types of seizure disorders, and a dietary fad among some people. There are three companies doing keto meal replacements, and until now all had shipped only powders. But one,, has been working on an RTD product forever, a lengthy kickstarter campaign which I’d subscribed to, and finally they shipped. So I was pleased to try the stuff and report on it.

That done, I walked to the hardware store and bought a can of green Rustoleum paint, and painted the bottom half of the iron plant stand. The next step is to put it back right way up and finish priming and painting the top half, which I had thought to do today. However, the green paint was still a bit tacky after lunch so I just left it to harden.

I spent a couple of hours after lunch working through this blog from day 1. I’m up to about day 90 now, and rather astonished at how much I got done this past spring. What I’m doing is adding “Tags” to each post, “Grief”, “Movie”, etc etc, so in principle I could quickly find various topics. However it is mostly a disciplined re-read and review of the year. I’m also copying out what seem like significant paragraphs. Somehow I’ll use all this to compose a year-end statement of some sort. This weekend, hopefully.

At 4:30 it was time of the monthly A/V committee meeting, where we review the requests for events for the next month, and assign people to run the sound and video. There is an official “event request form” where anybody putting on an event specifies the date and time and what kind of mics and so on they will need. Ian makes it all into a spreadsheet, typically 25 events or so; there’s a talk or a concert or a movie every other day or more. I ended up signed up to run A/V or three events toward the end of the month.


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