Day 360, Thanksgiving

Thursday, 11/28/2019

Showered shaved and put on nicer than usual clothes. Had breakfast downstairs, then was faced with quite a long gap of time until 4pm when I should leave for Denise and Jason’s for dinner. So I thought, heck, I’ll take the Dish Walk. Been a while (Day 167) since I did that. I assumed that many people would have the same idea, so the tiny parking area at the trailhead would have been full since 7am, so I took a Lyft there. There were a whole lot of people on the trail, from family groups ambling, to gorgeous sweaty athletes racing along in running shorts. I did the full 3 mile loop and now it was 11am.

What to do for some lunch, I wondered. I had the notion that the CH dining room was going to be closed. I was sure that we had instructions that, if we needed supper we should pick up a bag lunch between 8 and 10am. So I had myself Lyfted down to California avenue, thinking I’d lunch at one of the many restaurants along there. Hah! Not one was open, it was a ghost town. I knew there was a MacD’s not too far along El Camino, but really. So I took a Lyft home.

And found that not only was the CH dining room open for lunch, it was a full Thanksgiving menu with choices of sliced ham, turkey, something else, pumpkin or pecan pie for dessert, etc. And the place was jammed; apparently a lot of residents were having their relatives in for this fancy lunch. I had completely misunderstood the schedule; the staff will indeed be off, but only for the evening. So I had some turkey and gravy for lunch.

At 4pm I drove to Denise’s place (the bride and groom of two weeks ago) where they had cooked a turkey for Dennis and Toni (her father and mother) and very kindly included Uncle Dave. That was nice.



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