Day 357, mostly FOPAL, some blogging

Monday, 11/25/2019

Started with a run, which felt good. Then to FOPAL where I had just culled the computer books and was about to sit down at the computer to price 50 or so of them, when there was a rap at the door.

It was a high-school age young woman who introduced herself as Kai and said she was a volunteer and had been told she’d be sorting. As she was saying this, another young woman walked up. I forget her name, but it developed they were both doing High School public service hours. At noon when they knocked off, the second one had me sign a sheet where she was recording her volunteer hours. Over the past couple of weeks she’d done hours at, it looked like, 10 or more different service organizations. Awesome!

They hadn’t done sorting before. Somebody told them to show up at 10am to do that — why? There is not normally any sort of senior person or other sorter there at 10am on a Monday. Well, no problem; I gave them a quick training session in sorting and they dove right in energetically. Smart, hard-working girls, they did a lot of sorting in two hours.

I finished up my pricing, then did sorting along with the girls and continued after they left until the 2pm sorters showed up. I was pretty tired by then. Hey, I’ve got 11,300 steps, 4.3 miles on my phone today. A bit more than half would be my morning run. So I walked about 1.5-2.0 miles back and forth around the FOPAL book rooms — a lot of those steps I was carrying boxes of books. No wonder my back was a little sore and I felt tired. Had a good nap, did an hour on Zooniverse, then sat down to blog.

Before supper I spent an hour going through the first month of this blog. My main goal was to add “tags” to each post, so I can pull categories like Grief, Transition, Movies etc. But it also meant reading the posts. My life has certainly changed in these twelve months. From living in my house on Tasso, just beginning the downsizing project and not sure of where to live, to being settled at Channing House and pretty much everything stabilized and comfortable. I intend to write a longish essay summarizing the experience of this year of transition. It probably won’t be ready on Day 366, the start of the second year, but soon.



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