Day 356, coffee, market, SWBB

Sunday, 11/24/2019

For coffee this morning, I drove to Menlo Park to try the home store of Mme. Collette, the little coffee shop three blocks from CH where the pastries are better and more interesting than anywhere else, but there isn’t room for comfortable reading. The other shop has even nicer pastries, but very little more room. For just comfy sittin’ and readin’ it is hard to beat the old PA Cafe in Midtown, you know?

Well, I was out in the car, where to go? I thought I’d go and stroll the California Ave. farmer’s market, maybe shoot a couple of pictures. This market has been a success ever since it started more than a decade ago. I know, because this afternoon when I was saving the best shots from today in the folder named “farmer’s markets”, I noticed the last time I shot pictures there it was 2009.

20191124 squash!

This was the best pic I got today. Something about that sign on top of the avalanche of zucchini just tickles me.

At 1pm I went downstairs and met with Patty and Florrie to ride in Patty’s new Honda Fit to the SWBB game. Like other newer cars I’ve ridden in, it has the side-view feature: when you flip the turn signal lever, the screen on the dash shows a view of the road to that side behind the car. I’m fortunate in that my neck is still flexible enough that I can turn my head to look behind before changing lanes. For people who can’t, this is a lifesaver. And if I had it I’d probably use it. Along with other neat gadgets, it’s an argument for replacing a perfectly good Prius. (Against that, by the way, is the fact that Toyota sided with the Trump administration in the suit against California’s emissions law, which I have heard mentioned more than once among CH residents as reason not to buy a Toyota. We are a hotbed of liberalism here in the old professors’ and doctors’ home, ya know.)

Anyway, Stanford played the Buffalo (NY) Bulldogs, another team that, like Gonzaga, has a very active and pestiferous defense. Stanford had a hard time pulling away and the score was pretty even at the half. Then in the fourth quarter, the Bulldogs ran out of gas. Stanford was rotating all their players (every available player had minutes and almost all had some points), and they just ran the legs off the team in blue. The fourth quarter was a rout, ending in a 20-point win.


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