Day 247, more mulch, meeting, papers

Tuesday, 8/6/2019

Started with a run, since I didn’t get one yesterday. Spent some time doing classifications at Zooniverse. Tried out yet another game, and didn’t like it. Then an email arrived from Richard the gardener: our big green garden-waste bin was full. I replied he should use the paper leaf bags that are in the garage. Then I decided to zip over there and see what was going on.

Indeed, some gardener unknown had filled our large garden-waste rolling bin to the top with garden waste. That bin was empty yesterday morning. I had left it out Sunday night, so that nobody would park on the tarp I laid down to receive the mulch. When I rolled it away just before the mulch truck arrived yesterday morning, it was empty. So somebody had filled it during the day or, perhaps, in the night. Da Noive!

I checked on Paul; he has the color down on the two floors he sanded yesterday and they look great. He expects to spray varnish today. He raved at length about the wide oak planks and how you can’t get wood like that any more.

I put gas in the car for the first time in five weeks. 740 miles, 94.1 miles per gallon. The Prius plug-in is the perfect car for the retiree. Then I got it washed.

Back at C.H. I grabbed some lunch, took a nap, and it was time for the Upgrade Status meeting, or, as a lady named Florence commented in the elevator going down, the Upheaval Update. Dates haven’t changed for the 7th floor moving in or for my 6th floor moving out. Most of the meeting was to explain the new lighting being installed. This is something they did not include when remodeling the 10th, 9th and 8th floors. Beginning with the 7th, they are re-doing all the overhead lighting. A 1BR unit like mine gets two flush-mount ceiling fixtures in the entryway, two in the bathroom hallway, and six each in living room and bedroom, those groups of six being on dimmers. In addition, all the outlets and outlet plates are replaced.

Why the late decision? They had wanted to do overhead lighting from the start because they observe lots of floor lamps in use, and floor lamps are in general a tripping hazard. However, there is only 2-½ inch clearance between the bottom of the cement beams that support the floor above, and the plaster of the ceiling of the room below. Only recently have they found fixtures that will work. And prices have come down and they were able to get a good deal on a whole floor installation. And the use of all-LED lights will mean significant reduction in building electricity use.

Late in the day I got emails from Chuck’s office with some earthquake disclosure forms to sign. However, I recognize them as things I had signed previously I’m sure; and anyway one of them still had the Buyer name filled in as Daphne Higgs (the Lawyer Lady). So that isn’t right. I replied that I should come by Chuck’s office tomorrow and sign in physical person.


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