Day 248, real estate, FOPAL, lecture

Wednesday, 8/7/2019

Started the day with a drive to the gym for exercises. Then I headed over to Tasso street. There I gave Paul a check for part-payment of the flooring, and folded up the big tarp from which Richard had removed all the mulch. He’d come up just a bit short on mulch. I figure to buy a couple of bags of the stuff and he can finish the last little corner next week.

Then I went to Chuck’s office because I wanted to discuss the disclosure forms that his office guy, Andrew (also his son), had sent yesterday. Chuck and I had a long and productive discussion on the marketing of the house, and about pricing. I am very much letting him handle this, as he has the depth of experience with real estate in this market. His approach is to set the initial asking price a bit low, and count on the charm of the place to inspire enough competitive bidding to raise it. So we will be asking $2.49M, and feeling pretty confident that it will be bid to something over that.

On the way to his office I got a call from Chris the hairdresser. I’d blown it, my appointment was for today. I knew it was today; it was in the calendar for today. Well, now it is for next Wednesday. Insert head-bang gif here.

From there I went to FOPAL and tidied up the Computer section ready for this weekend’s sale days. Then I started sorting, and when I quit at 4pm, I was very pleased and surprised that we sorters had actually sorted “everything”. Well, every box of donations that were in the Sorting room today, and the dozen boxes and bags that came through the door between 2 and 4pm. Of course, Frank reminded me that there are a couple hundred boxes of donations in the other building. But clearing out the Sorting room is an achievement anyway.

Back home, I got a call from Helene; she has a couple more questions for the piece on me for the newsletter. We agreed to meet for supper at 6. The questions didn’t amount to much but I got to talk about myself, always a pleasure. We talked about her, as well. Compared notes on grieving. She lost her husband at age 58, so she’s been a long time widowed, but still gets occasional bouts of grief.

At 7pm there was a talk by Palo Alto’s relatively new Chief of Police, describing the changes he’s initiating in the department. He seemed a very genial, but highly competent person. They just started the body-cam program. Each patrol car has a total of five cameras mounted on it, three outside and two inside. Then when the officer steps out of the car, his body camera is automatically triggered. No more forgetting to turn it on in the heat of the moment.

Chief Jonson initiated a citizen advisory board, and their first priority message to him was the need for traffic enforcement. At that point, mid-2018, the PAPD didn’t have a traffic “unit”; they just relied on patrolling officers to enforce traffic laws. But he has set up a three-officer unit that is dedicated to traffic enforcement (two motorcycles, one car) and doing “strategic” enforcement. Which seems to mean, focusing on specific streets? Anyway Alma and Embarcadero were mentioned specifically.


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