Day 246, mulch, FOPAL, drawers

Monday, 8/5/2019

Yesterday Lyngso said 9-11am. Today as I was getting out of the shower at 7:05, the phone rang. It was the Lyngso driver telling me he was “just pulling out of the yard, I’ll be at your place in 15 minutes or so.”

Boy oh boy did I feel smart that I’d gone over and spread the tarp last night! In fact I got there just before the truck, but I’d have been really sprinting to get the tarp out and spread for him. After the friendly driver left, I drove back to C.H. and had breakfast. Then I went down to FOPAL, arriving about 9am. I worked on the Computer section for an hour, and then did sorting until 1pm.

Chuck had texted asking whether the mulch would be finished today or tomorrow, and I wanted to check in anyway, so I stopped at Tasso St. Richard was working in the back yard. He explained that he couldn’t spread mulch until he had done his normal weekly cleanup. He didn’t want to spread mulch over dead leaves, etc. So he would definitely still be working on it tomorrow.

The flooring guy, who turned out to be named Paul, was also hard at work. He had already finished sanding the living room and dining room. We talked about the job and he reassured me he was qualified to remove and replace the hot water heater.

Back home I tried a new game; it was boring. Well, it was only $5.99. Ate supper at Rosina’s table.

OK, let me get some things down about

meal replacements.

Before moving to C.H. I was feeding myself about two meals in three from meal replacements, primarily Keto Chow. That showed that the low-carb diet suits me; I felt strong and healthy and lost weight gradually. (I’ll check my weight tomorrow, but for the past week it has been oscillating around 171.)

Nominally I shouldn’t need meal replacements at Channing House; after all, three meals a day are laid on in the dining room. However, as I’ve complained before, there are many days where I want breakfast earlier. I want to go on my run, or go to the Y, during the breakfast service hours, eating something earlier and perhaps a bit more later. Also there are many occasions when it isn’t convenient to be here for lunch: working at FOPAL or the museum. Those times, I’ve been grabbing snack food, protein bars and such, from grocery stores. (Thursdays, the artifact crew always go to a casual restaurant like Eric’s Deli Cafe; those are reasonably healthy meals.)

A few weeks ago I laid in some Saturo from Amazon. These 300-calorie packages are quite convenient, and do nicely as an early breakfast, and I like the flavor better than the Soylent ready-to-drink (RTD). But Saturo (and Soylent) are not low-carb meals. I really wish that there was a “Keto” RTD, but there isn’t. One, Sated, has been promising “real soon now” for over a year. Keto Chow’s owner, Chris Bair, did an experimental run of an RTD, but couldn’t continue because he can’t find a co-packer that can meet his requirements.

I had assumed I needed a RTD product because it’s too much trouble to mix powdered products in my little kitchenette, and my 2-liter pitcher doesn’t fit my little refrigerator. But wait! I was watching a video by Chris Bair, in which he was showing how to mix individual Keto Chow shakes in blender bottles, and does it quickly and neatly. Well, I have a couple of blender bottles and a bag of Keto Chow left over, why not try it? And it is actually quite easy. It takes less than five minutes to mix up two shakes, and they fit in the fridge. I did that, and consumed one for lunch yesterday, and one for lunch today. It was great. So I’ve ordered a couple more blender bottles and I will mix them up four at a time.

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