Day 96, second day in Vegas

Friday, 3/8/2019

Goodness but I do not like Vegas. Being in casinos is simply unpleasant owing to the visual overload, the constant noise, and the pervasive smell of tobacco. Outside is a bit better. I went for a walk this morning, to find The Park. It’s an outdoor plaza with plants behind New York New York. And it has music playing. Not as loud as inside a casino, but inescapable.

I rode the tram, surely the most useless mass-transit system ever. One way, it runs from Excalibur to Mandalay Bay. The return goes from Mandalay Bay to Luxor, to Excalibur. In other words, to get from Excalibur to Luxor, you ride to Mandalay Bay, get off, wait for the next train, get on, ride back to Luxor. Which I did, and walked around inside Luxor for a few minutes, then walked on sidewalks back to Excalibur.

Finally it came time for the first session. UCLA quickly took a 15-point lead over ASU so I left at half-time and came back to the room (9,457 steps so far) which had been made up. Following the notice about saving water, I had hung my used towels neatly on the rods. And of course they had been replaced with new ones anyway.

Now to plan the rest of the day. I expect the next game, Arizona-Oregon, to quickly turn into a rout because Oregon is just that good (but I’ve been wrong a lot so far). The game I really want to see, Stanford-Cal, doesn’t start until 6pm. I think I will hang here in the room, following the UA-UO game on the internet, until 4pm. Then go and have an early supper at (probably) Wolfgang Puck’s where I had supper last night, before the 6pm session. I will publish this now and finish the thrilling chronicle of events in tomorrow’s post.



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