Day 95, in Vegas

Thursday 3/7/2019

Slept badly as I always do before a flight. I know the alarm will go off at 5 (in this case) but I can’t help but keep waking up to check. No, it’s only 1:30, 3, 3:45, 4:10… Anyway up before 5 to dress, brush teeth, put two lights on timers, and re-check the contents of my bag. Yup, got everything. Get in the Lyft and as it gets a block away I suddenly realize that I did not in fact put the computer into the bag. It’s still beside my chair. Cue hilarious sequence as the Lyft driver makes U-turns to get back with me mis-directing him. Get computer, get back in car, carry on. A real senile moment, there. Seriously. Carefully checked that I had packed the power supply for the computer but omitted to go and fetch the actual computer and put it in the bag.

Anyway. No harm done. At the airport I greet and chat with three other long-time SWBB fans who are on the same flight.

The games are held in the MGM Grand Arena. To save a bit I opted to stay in the Excalibur, which is the silliest-looking of the casinos, with its faux-medieval towers. This economy is also getting me exercise. To get from my room to the arena, I have to cross the full width of Excalibur diagonally, take the bridge to New York New York, go through one corner of that casino, take the bridge to MGM Grand, and walk the full diagonal width of that huge casino to its furthest corner.

I just checked the Health app on the phone. It was 1,900 steps from my room to the arena. More than a quarter-mile. I went to the first session, at noon. Colorado against ASU. Colorado trailed most of the way. They had a flurry of hits and almost caught up in the third quarter but the magic went away and they lost.

Second game, Arizona against USC, I expected to be a runaway for USC, but it was quite the opposite, with UA ahead early and pulling away. At the half I decided to bail. I had left the ticket for the second, 6pm, session in the room so I had to go back anyway, and with this game decided I might as well get a head start. It was on this walk that I measured the 1,900 steps for the trip. Now for a bit of a nap, then return to the Grand to find some supper before 6pm.

Later: Cal won their game over WSU, although the Cougs did not go down easily, which is good because it means Cal will be tired when they play Stanford at 6pm tomorrow. I had dinner with fans Nancy and Rita, during which I confidently predicted that in the final game Utah (20-9) would easily beat UW (9-20). And of course the Huskies took a lead early and kept it to the end, so I was wrong on all my predictions.

According to the iPhone app, with two round-trips between my room and the arena, plus a long, long walk through the Vegas airport, I walked 14,005 steps today, or 5.3 miles.

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