Day 97 more Vegas

Well that evening had some surprising turns. I met with fans Harriet and Linda for supper at Puck’s, then into the arena for the Stanford-Cal game. This was a close affair for 35 minutes, Stanford starting cold, catching up to have a narrow lead. With 5:00 to play, defensive sub Shannon, whose role had been to help contain Cal’s all-star center Christine Anigwe, stepped back and splashed a three. On the next three possessions point  guard Keana hit a three, a three, and a layup, an 11-0 run to blow the game open.

I expected the second game, Oregon State vs UW, to be an easy win for the Beavers. And my streak of absolutely wrong predictions continued. OSU did have a ten point lead at the half, so I left, and followed the game back in my room, on the play-by-play scroll on the ESPN score page (Excalibur not offering the PAC-12 network on their TV system). UW caught up, then took a small lead. The game was tied with 0:05 left to play. A UW player snapped off a three from NBA distance, and it went down. Some UW players thought the game was over and rushed the court, resulting in a technical foul with the clock at 0:01. That gave OSU two free throws and possession of the ball. They made the free throws; then inbounded the ball with 0:01 seconds to play and did get a shot off, but it fell short, so UW won by 1 point.

So on Saturday it will be Stanford-UW at 8:30, preceded by Oregon-UCLA at 6pm. Everyone expected an Oregon-Stanford final, and that is how it is shaping up — but I am done making predictions during the tournament.

14,343 steps. Can’t say Vegas doesn’t give you exercise.

Saturday, 3/9/2019

Started the day with coffee and scone at the in-house Starbuck’s. Then I went out to try riding the Deuce, the shuttle bus that runs up and down The Strip. Went south first, to the famous Welcome sign where tourists were queuing up with the aid of an Elvis impersonator to take selfies.


Of course there is an Elvis impersonator. Then I rode back up to the north and got off to walk through Bellagio. This is the approach to Bellagio.Italian Lakes: Days 10-12 Como on Lake Como

OK, not really, that was the approach the the actual Bellagio on Lake Como, two years ago. The Vegas Bellagio is a huge casino/hotel whose decor is themed around polished marble and terrazzo floors and semi-classical decor. It’s actually nicer to walk through than either Excalibur or the MGM Grand, mostly owing to higher ceilings and wider aisles. But it’s still a casino.

Rode a bit further then the bus hung a right and left the Strip. Not sure why, but I got off. Then I couldn’t see an obvious bus stop for the return direction (I suspect the route does some kind of loop at this point so the return route was a different street?) so I just called a Lyft. I opted for a shared Lyft, with the result that there was another couple to drop off at a completely different resort off the Strip, so I got a bit more of a tour.

Now it is barely noon with hours to kill. I decided to just laze the rest of the day in the room, catching up on podcasts and youtube subscriptions that I’ve fallen behind on. That’s fine for today, but Lordy what will I do with myself tomorrow?

Game results in next post.


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