4.173 cactus, tech

Tuesday 05/23/2023

Started with a round of the gym machines. Then I had an hour before the next thing so I went up to the 11th floor where I had the two Lecternettes (small amplifiers with mics) stashed, and took some pictures so I could make up an operations info sheet. On Friday I plan to share this with the AV crew.

I got a start on the info sheet, but at 9am I had to break off because I was joining an excursion in the CH bus over to the campus to walk around the Stanford Cactus Garden. About 20 of us trundled over there and walked around for an hour. There were not so very many blossoms but the light was good. Here are the pictures I took.

Back home I attended the tail end of the writers meeting, then finished the info sheets for the Lecternettes. Spent an hour going through the cactus pictures and picking the best and uploading them to smugmug, see above.

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